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15th May 2017

So I was what you might say, a naughty kid at school! I mean I wasn’t loads of trouble but I did have a sort of punk attitude where I did what I wanted on my terms and this attitude didn’t always sit well within the education sector. I proudly grew up on an estate and I met some amazing people during my teens who taught me to use the arts as a way to express myself, my anger and understand the world around me. I was lucky enough to meet some theatre practitioners who saw my potential and didn’t right me off. I’m proud that now I’m out there delivering theatre workshops in schools and pupil referral units and I make professional work. I can give back some of the opportunities that I had. Theatre is a powerful tool used to teach emotion recognition and expression, non-verbal behaviors and gestures, listening skills, eye contact, conversation skills, strategies to handle social situations, and critical social skills. Plus, you know, it’s just massively fun and life’s about living right?

Had I not met the right people along the way who believed in me then I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to become a Director and Theatre Practitioner. I’ve worked for the same theatre company for over 10 years and early this year I decided to go out and create my own theatre company. It just felt like the right time and the time is NOW. I’m at the very beginning of my journey and yes it’s pretty scary but I’m really excited to have been accepted onto the StartEast programme because I’ve got the support I need and I’m not alone in this. What drew me to the project is how bespoke it is and how I can work with the team to shape my journey.  Watch this space!

Kirsty Thorpe
Co-Director, Tuck Shop Theatre