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15th May 2017

I clock off at midnight and have a well-earned drink with the venue staff after a 10 hour shift thinking about the lie in I’ll have tomorrow after meeting pals later for a drink and a boogie. Fast forward 10 years and lie-ins are a fond memory, the working day is juggled round nursery drop offs, and the only social life is one that revolves around which kids’ birthday it is this week and how long you have to show your face at the soft play before you can slip away and let cbeebies take over for an hour and get that application finished.

Juggling kids and work isn’t easy, especially for single parents, but we get it, we’re living it and we understand what you need to make it work. We know it’s not just about the logistics, it’s about paying the bills, what help you’re entitled to, and feeling fulfilled in a career as well as having a happy family.

Returning to work or maintaining a career with children in tow is a constant balancing act, but on those rare occasions when you get all your plates spinning in sync, it can be pretty special. The StartEast team really want to help you make it work and give you the support you need for it to happen, from one mother to another, we got this.

Genine Sumner
Senior Producer, StartEast