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8th August 2017

The word ‘Brand’ often makes people think about tag lines and visual representations such as logos, colours etc. But your brand isn’t your name, logo, slogan or product or service… it isn’t even your message. It’s the experience your market has with your brand. Much like we experience people, every organisation creates an experience too. And like people, the experience organisations create is a direct result of the values they uphold, the vision they have for themselves and what difference they want to make i.e. their mission. People who interact with your organisation can and will see this, no matter what your brand tag line states or what your logo looks like.

Simply, you can’t make this stuff up. That’s the reason we believe in some brands (and their branding) while we can’t trust and don’t want to engage with others, no matter how much time, effort and money they invest in building their brand strategies.

So before you set out to shape your brand, answer the following questions for your organisation:

  • Values – what’s important to you, what would you never compromise on?
  • Vision – why you’re doing what you’re doing, what’s the value it creates and what will it ultimately help achieve?
  • Mission – what’s the impact of what you do on the world around?

Authentically answer these questions and see what experience you want your brand to deliver.


Meeta Thareja

Co-founder & Director, MetaValue

MetaValue is a strategy and growth consultancy founded by Meeta Thareja and Suzie Campbell. Meeta brings strong experience in marketing, communications and PR. She has worked with brands such as Intel, Adobe and Sony Ericsson as a consultant, led Group PR for a FTSE 250 company and advised on start-up and SME marketing and customer development for a number of organisations.