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12th July 2017

As I see it, identifying one’s skills is a beautiful mixture of listening to the small guiding voice inside you, and the bumping and bruising experiential process of ‘trial and error.’ First and foremost, you have to listen to that voice however small it is, and then begin!


For whatever reason, it took me until I was seventeen before I started to hear anything at all that related to theatre. I was certainly always a performer, always an entertainer, but I hadn’t realised that those were my tools and my skills.


What then followed was a process that many practitioners go through; one of beginning, doing, training, falling over and getting up – all the while honing in on something specific that you are heading towards.


For me, it was always going to be physically expressive and ideas based. I have now spent fifteen years making Gecko shows and developing the company’s style of physicality.


Amit Lahav

Artistic Director, Gecko