Carol Sharp

Carol Sharp


Carol Sharp

Artist, Director, Photographer, Poet, Workshop Leader, Writer





My career as a professional flower photographer spans over 25 years, with images widely published, including Chelsea Flower Show posters and two sets of Royal Mail stamps.

Gradually exploring conceptual ideas around my subject matter of plants has resulted in a fine art practice, from which my inspirational work is regularly recognised in international competitions.

This practice revolves around connecting people to plants. Plants are crucial for our survival, and as more evidence unfolds about plant intelligence and their ability to connect with each other and with the wider world a new perspective is evolving. This will encourage people to care for the planet’s ecosystems, on which plants depend and indeed create.

I live in 3 acres in South Norfolk with a woodland of over 300 trees I planted 25 years ago, a pond and wildflower meadows as part of rewilding the land. Recently the trees needed thinning and I have been building a compost toilet with the trees, honouring them in many ways in the build. All materials will come from the site or near as possible. There will be a creative mural, a roof skyscape (James Turrel) and a camera obscura included. It will be disabled friendly.

I would like set up a centre for Arts, Ecology and Learning to give workshops on how to live creatively and sustainably with nature. I’m looking for help as to how best to go about this.