Stave House

Stave House


Ruth Travers

Fellow of the London College of Music fellow of the Royal Society of Arts Founder and Director Stave House Worldwide, Musician, Performer, Teacher





Originally created in Suffolk, Stave House is a music method that teaches children to sight read musical notation using sensory and creative learning. By the time they are 8 years old children can sight read in 3 clefs and apply that knowledge to any instrument of their choice.

Stave house is successful with children from all social backgrounds and learning abilities. Stave House unlocks the creativity within the child and the teacher, and brings together a high standard of academic musical education with fun and child led learning.

Schools that are using the method are seeing a higher standard of musical ability across the school, as well as many other benefits academically, physically and socially. The resource can be used from kindergarten to senior school and is highly adaptable and lends itself to many cross curricular activities. Stave House can be taught inside or outside, with technology or without, making it one of the most economical music resources ever created.

Stave House offers schools workshops and teacher training courses, live and on line, and is accredited by the London College of Music .