StartEast hosts a range of events, from practical workshops, networking opportunities, online webinars and one-to-one meetings.

StartEast Intensive

The current project is nearing its end and we’re going to spend a weekend in Great Yarmouth at the wonderful Drillhouse to offer a limited number of artists an intensive package of support. This will include business support such as writing a business plan, finance for artists, marketing PR and social media, and it will also include current paid or funded opportunities for artists in our region, and a tour of facilities available to artists in Great Yarmouth. We’re really excited for this one and we hope you can join us.

All StartEast support is FREE to our members but spaces are limited and will be first come first served, please email to chat to our Producer Genine and secure your space.

Please note, this is a 2 day event from Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th May.

The Drillhouse, Great Yarmouth

May 25, 2019

The Drillhouse, Great Yarmouth

May 26, 2019

Innovation & Technology

Nathan Geering, creator of The Rationale Method, will explore cutting edge technologies and how they can be used creatively within a number of artistic contexts

Participants will have the opportunity to try out a number of technologies and think creatively about how each piece of tech can be incorporated into their own practice. We will demystify the stigma surrounding working with technology and provide practical solutions to barriers that artists face therefore opening exciting possibilities for combining technology with artistic expression.


Norwich, Venue TBC

June 12, 2019

What do we do about Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome is something that we hear often in the arts - no one is quite sure they’re getting it right or that they ‘belong’

We’ve found its one of the main common occurrences in conversations with our members. How do we combat this insecurity and what tools can we use to challenge our doubts about our own quality and contribution to the arts?

We’ll talk to artists in our region and beyond about what it means to feel imposter syndrome. We’ll open discussion about how it may affect work and what we can do to reassure ourselves and each other that we belong and discover tools to deal with the nagging doubt and boost your confidence that you have an important voice to offer.


Ipswich, Venue TBC

June 24, 2019

Beyond StartEast...What's Next?

StartEast will end as planned in September 2019, but what does that mean for the 350 artists we’ve worked with?

Martin Gent will lead us in this session to make future plans. We know that so many of you feel more connected to a network of artists since joining the project and we want to put measures in place to ensure you can keep this network thriving. We won’t be here to lead it so it’s over to you to take the reins. Together we will make plans and actions to continue our work, but it’s up to you what it looks like.

Norwich, Venue TBC

July 1, 2019

Image Editing Crash Course

Learn the fundamentals of photo editing with the Creative Computing Club

This course delivers a comprehensive introduction to image editing programs. We will cover how to improve the visual quality of your photos, master image editing and using a variety of tools and adjustments to perfect your photos in a fast-intuitive way.

You will leave the course with a clear understanding of the post-production process.

Creative Computing Club, Ipswich

July 3, 2019

Website Building Crash Course

Learn the fundamentals of website building with the Creative Computing Club

This course delivers a comprehensive introduction to website building software. We will cover how to layout your website, connect your social media, how to grow your audience online and all without the need to code.

You will leave the course with a clear understanding of the website building process.

Creative Computing Club, Ipswich

July 10, 2019

Funding Sessions

Meet with Arts Development Manager for Suffolk County Council, Jayne Knight, to talk all things funding in our region

Jayne has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and was integral in raising the £1.2 million for StartEast. Spaces are limited, please email to enquire.

Suffolk County Council, Ipswich

July 12, 2019

StartEast Marketplace

Think of a careers open day or a wedding fair but for creative artists in East Anglia

We’ll open up The Forum to support, grant schemes, and service providers to give you a marketplace to come and meet other programmes like ours, other grant providers, and designers, makers, venues etc who you may wish to connect and collaborate with.

We’ll get the organisations along, and you can drop in and see what else this region has to offer.

The Forum, Norwich

July 31, 2019

Open Agenda with the Arts Council England

We will be using open space technology to work with Arts Council Relationship Managers to work on the stuff that’s important to you.

Together, using open space marketplace, we will agenda sessions that you want to work on. We will, as a group, assign times to those sessions and you will be free to join those that are most important to you. Each group will have an ACE relationship manager to work with.

This is a unique opportunity to intensively work with ACE to achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

Date & location TBC

In Conversation with Roger Wright, Executive Director of Snape Maltings

How do we build partnerships and audiences whilst maintaining our authenticity and integrity?

Executive Director of Snape Maltings, Roger Wright, and our Senior Producer, Genine Sumner, discuss the process of forging artist and venue relationships whilst honestly and authentically preserving the product or service you deliver.

We’ll explore how an organisation like Snape works with artists in the region and what the mutual expectations may be.

Date TBC