StartEast hosts a range of events, from practical workshops, networking opportunities, online webinars and one-to-one meetings.

Impact and Evaluation in the Arts

The session, led by Simon Glenister from Noise Solution, will include advice on good practice, sharing useful contacts, peer to peer learning and networking.

Simon will bring real a world example of an organisation using theory as a lens to impact. This is a useful lens for all organisations and practitioners to use to evaluate if their approach is appropriate for impacting positively upon well-being.

New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

January 28, 2019

Building Story - Finding Voice

How do we find and refine our story & how do we embody it?

This workshop, led by Martin Gent, will use a combination of experiential arts practice, Process work, rehearsal methods, group work and individual reflection to create a dynamic, enjoyable and useful process of uncovering and developing your ‘offer’ and how to embody and deliver that offer.

The Archive Centre, Norwich

February 4, 2019

Creative Consensus

This 3 hour workshop, delivered by Joff Whitten from Gecko, focuses on consensus and how we create shared consensus in a creative process. This session will be interactive, informative and practical and give you the tools and skills to develop your audience.

New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

February 27, 2019

Cultural Leaders Seminar

This half day event will give you direct contact with the leaders of some of Norfolk and Suffolk’s most significant cultural organisations and networks. It will give you the chance to showcase what you do and to learn more about how you can build connections with some of our region’s key cultural organisations, activities, venues and events.

New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

March 4, 2019

Webinar: Creating a Business Plan

Led by creative industry expert James West, this webinar will help business owners and cultural leaders better understand the purpose of business planning, whether it’s to attract funding, partners or set your course for growth, regardless of the size or shape of your organisation.

Online Event

March 5, 2019

Webinar: Understanding your USP

This webinar, led by James West, will help you identify and use your USP – your Unique Selling Point – so you can strengthen and improve your marketing and business outcomes.

Expect relevant and valuable insights and tips with opportunities for you to ask questions and interact with others in the session, all from the comfort of your computer screen.

Online Event

March 7, 2019

Webinar: The Funding & Finance Mix

Led by certificated Business Mentor Remi Harris, this interactive session will look a range of opportunities including loans, grants, donations, sponsorship and blend funding.

Join us to find out about the range of funding options available for creative businesses and arts organisations.

Online Event

March 12, 2019

Webinar: Knowing and Growing your Audience

Do you want to identify the people that comprise your current and potential customers, audience or Twitter followers? Understand how this knowledge can shape your business model with this one hour webinar, led by Audience expert Julie Aldridge.

Online Event

March 14, 2019

Webinar: Marketing for Sales

Join session leader James West and explore a pragmatic approach to developing sales minded marketing strategy that delivers and receive tips and advice on how to achieve maximum sales through savvy and informed marketing techniques. Areas covered include looking at what you’re selling, who your customers are and how to make that sale!

Online Event

March 19, 2019

Tools and Techniques for planning and delivering creative projects

Join Gecko, using discussion, games and bespoke group tasks to in this accessible, inspiring and informative workshop. You will explore tools and techniques using a five-stage methodology framework for a creative process, tools that you can go on to use to strengthen your own practice. 

Date and venue details coming soon